Threading is a hair removal technique that swiftly removes entire rows of hair, making it the preferred choice over tweezing, which only removes single hairs at a time. Using a thin cotton or polyester thread, we double and twist it so that it can be gently rolled over areas of hair to be removed, plucking hairs at the follicle. This method provides a more precise level of control over shaping areas such as eyebrows and is much gentler on the skin than waxing. Although it is most commonly used to shape and thin the eyebrows, it can also be used to remove unwanted hair across the face, lip, and chin as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Threading Hurt?
Some feel threading hurts a little more than tweezing, but this is because we are removing multiple hairs at once. Typically, however, threading hurts less than waxing and is gentler on the skin.

What Areas of the Body Can You Treat with Threading?
Because threading is such a precise method of hair removal, it is not ideal for large areas, such as legs, arms, and abdomens. It is very effective for small areas such as the face, chin, and neck.

How Long Does Threading Take?
Although this can vary depending on the area being treated and how much hair you have, a simple eyebrow threading session usually only takes about 5 minutes. The upper lip takes about 3 minutes, and the entire face can take about 15-20 minutes.