Hair loss is also known as Baldness, or Alopecia is a genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, stress, diet, and inflammatory skin diseases may be causal factor for hair loss. In men most hair loss can be attributed to something called male pattern baldness where hair follicles on the top and forehead of the scalp are susceptible to the hormone dihydrotestosterone, (DHT). Acting over time, DHT causes shrinking and then death of hair follicles that are susceptible to DHT.

Fortunately, there are treatment options available to both men and women. In some cases, hair transplant can effective remediate hair loss. Additionally, most male patients can also benefit from breakthrough a prescription medication known as PROPECIA®.

PROPECIA® is an FDA approved daily oral medication proven to help stop hair loss by blocking DHT and promoting hair regrowth in men. It is used to restore scalp hair for men with male pattern hair loss, a hereditary condition that can cause receding hairlines, thinning and/or balding on the top and front of the scalp. PROPECIA® not only stops the hair loss process, but also helps regrow hair. It is most effective in treating mild to moderate hair loss on the top and middle top of the head.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the hair I grow look like my own natural hair?

Yes. Unlike some treatments for MPHL, PROPECIA® actually grows back your own natural thick and healthy looking hair. The result of a 5 year study found that 2 out of 3 men had an increased hair count with the most new hairs grown within 2 years.

How long will it take before I start to see results?

You should begin to see a difference in as little as 3 months. Once you begin taking PROPECIA®, it is important to continue taking it as prescribed. If you discontinue use, it is likely that you will lose the regrown hair.

Benefits of PROPECIA®?

PROPECIA® is currently the only FDA approved daily pill proven to help reduce DHT. Unlike messy creams, PROPECIA® is an easy-to-take, once daily pill. While PROPECIA®, like most male hair loss medications, may be harmful to women (especially those who are pregnant), the pill makes accidental contact with the medication less common and is not harmful to a woman if passed through semen.

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