How To Choose the Right Skin Care Brand For You

The skin care marketplace is filled with a lot of products selling “hope in a bottle.” If you have the cash to spare and like the treasure-hunting fun of buying expensive products, then trying pricey products is entertaining. If you want a high return on your skin care investment, then you need to research product claims.

For example, large molecules won’t get into skin. There is the 500 Dalton Rule which explains why many molecules larger than 500 Daltons in size just don’t get into skin, no matter what’s written in advertisements or on a product’s front label.

The best example is collagen-added to creams. We all know that wrinkles, crepey skin and thin skin happen from the loss of skin collagen. It’s tempting to think that we can apply new collagen on the outside of our skin and hope it gets absorbed and adds collagen to what we’ve lost. Sadly, it doesn’t.

Your skin is good at keeping the outside, foreign world out and the precious inside world of your body in. Collagen, as a molecule, is larger than 500 Daltons and just too big to get into skin from the outside.

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